Dove Inner Glow Facial Cleanser with NutriumMoisture REVIEW

Hey love,

Skincare isle in a drugstore is my favorite. I love trying on new products and surprisingly I had missed out on the Dove Inner Glow face wash. The fact that I already had a ton of face washes and scrubs at home already, I passed on it for a while but couldn’t any longer because the name ” INNER GLOW” basically felt like it was calling me haha so yeah, I bought it and I love it!

Thinking about it, I used alot of body and hair products from dove but I don’t think I tried any facial cleanser yet so this was my first try. At my drugstore they had 3 different ranges – Beauty Moisture , Deep Pure and Inner Glow.


Inner Glow is what I’ll be reviewing today. The packaging is a nice pinkish white tube with a nice secure cap. The pearl design makes it super pretty. you get a nice amount of product in the tube and the best part is you need just the smallest amount for 1 proper use. yes, a little goes a very long way!

The cleanser is white in color and has a light floral scent to it which isn’t overpowering. The cleanser has small tiny exfoliator beads that help polish the surface of the skin giving you, the inner glow! It lathers well, doesn’t irritate the skin at all. I have combination skin and one thing alot of cleansers do it strip the natural oils off my skin but this keeps the skin looking fresh and supple.

If you have sensitive skin, this is great for you since this has to be by far the most gentle exfoliating scrub I’ve tried so far.

now, the main question. Does it actually give the “Inner Glow”? It actually does! It exfoliates all the dead skin from the surface and gives a more polished, healthy, supple and fresh look to the skin. You’ll notice a healthy radiance and glow on your skin and since this has moisturizing properties too, your skin will definitely be loving this!

Much love,



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