Blogging Made Easy – Review

Firstly I would like to thank the team of HashTag Bloggers for convincing me to read the book. The book ‘Blogging Made Easy’ caught my eye mainly because of the ever so beautiful and talented Rumena Begum . Having followed Rumena for couple years now and seeing her growth, I knew for a fact that if she has contributed to this book, it is going to be worth it.

I was never into blogging. never did i even consider taking up blogging, but when I started my Instagram page I felt I needed to start a blog so that it will be easy for people to find what they need since i have it all from beauty tips to makeup tips, skincare advise to DIY ,makeup reviews to swatches and so on. The blogging world is so big filled with amazing blogs and I was always taken aback by that thinking who will ever visit my blog? But with all the love and support I received from my Instagram  I decided to take a step forward and do it else I never will and that’s how this blog has come to life.

Now let me come to the main part of this post, the book!


If I was to sum it in simple terms, this book is perfect for new bloggers since it covers all the basics every one looks for. It is so well written and simple to understand covering all the important aspects of a blog.

I definitely learnt a lot from this book .From SEO’s to how to blog. Tips on how to make your blog successful and ways to improve. Yes at first it may seem so different from all other beginners blogging posts but once you read through the book, you understand the little aspects and details that are often times overlooked.

This book also includes case studies from real bloggers and reading through their stories really helps understand the world of blogging.

You will find tips on how to reach out to brands for collaboration and PR .This is something as a blogger I was always looking out for and to have this part in the book was amazing!

As a new and small blogger, for me this book definitely helped me a lot. Every chapter has tons of tips that are so easy to understand and very useful. My blog is nowhere near to perfect but with each day I am learning slowly on how to improve and step up in the blogging community.

This book is rated no.1 in UK and is so worth it! You can find the book here at the Amazon UK site and here for .


If you are new to blogging, don’t worry! Take it slow and easy !






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